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  • Hasta next week, readers. Up, Up and AWAY!
    Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets all giggity because someone famous(ish) likes your photos on Instagram every once in a while. It’s [...]
  • DSC_0103 - Version 2
    January. Why aren’t you over yet? Winter blues are setting in. December vacations are over, the holidays are in the rear view mirror, and now the most exciting part [...]
  • Irrelevance 2015-01-15
    First off… THIS. This makes me want to have a sleepover party real bad. Next. It’s almost the 16th! This means we’re just over halfway through the dreary [...]
  • The way you enjoy Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is as plain and simple as its extremely short ingredient list: add water and enjoy. It’s made from Filtered Water and 100% Organic Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans.
    Thanks to trusty ol’ Instagram, I’ve been able to find a whole host of new paleo/real food products to try over the past couple of years. The subject of this [...]
  • DSC_0075
    It’s 2015. TWENTY FIFTEEN. Sitting in my friend’s basement watching Blair Witch Project eating Velveeta Mac & Cheese (aaagghhh the orange goo!) and waiting [...]

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The 'Occasional Faileo' is the best way to describe how I eat my way through life. It's all about balance. The one you'll find here includes mostly Paleo recipes, with a cheese-filled or outright nutritionally atrocious post sprinkled in every once in a while. The OF also includes talk about CrossFit, doofy memes and a somewhat weekly dose of irrelevant fun things that the interwebs have to offer.

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Just in case anyone thinks I forgot how to cook... Feel free to whip yourself up some PALEO Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies as a reward to look forward to after completing 15.1. Or just bake cookies because they're cookies and cookies are awesome. No judging your motives here. Recipe all up on 😋 Bulletproof & Stan. Cameo by @formulx - photobomb by mushy bananas. Must stay on top of my usual food game for any prayer at 15.1! 🙏💪🍌😬 T-5ish hours until the @crossfitgames open #15point1 is announced, and @crossfit_factory_square is rolling deep. You in? Peekaboo. Cashew Cilantro Chèvre Stuffed Chicken says hiiiii. Somehow this took a ride in the garbage disposal and came out unscathed. Props to the muffin cup or a blow to the Kenmore's ego? Forget matching, I like my map shorts. It's here! It's here! @primalpalate I am so excited to go home and drool all over -- I mean, cook all these wonderful new recipes ☺️ #makeitpaleo2 #paleo #cookbook #squee Some days you've just gotta drink ALL THE COFFEE. #TGIF #pinkiesup My lunch looks funny.

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