Cupcakes Gone Crazy

I’m apologizing up front in case the quality of my writing is a lot worse than usual. Curiosity got me watching 2 episodes of Catfish on MTV this afternoon, and it segued into Snooki and J-Woww. Snooki’s about to have a baby, and I’m admittedly distracted by this abomination on my TV screen. It’s bad, but not bad enough to grab the remote and change the channel. Sorry.


In the past year, a group of friends in the office has dubbed me “Cupcakes”. Why? Wacky cupcakes are a ton more fun to bake than to buy, So, that’s what exactly what I do when I want one. I bake entirely too many treats, eat one or two and then pawn them off on other people.

CrossFitters are an intense group of people. We don’t exactly coast through workouts, so why would we take something like a cheat meal lightly? If you’re going to have a party with cupcakes, then they might as well contain (in addition to the obvious cake & frosting) birthday cake Oreos, potato chips, chocolate crunchies, pretzels and gummy worms. Why yes, I did just rattle off what you’d expect to find at the snack table at a first grader’s birthday party.

2013 02 02

Everyone loves a pleasant surprise. So, how fun is it to realize at the end of your cupcake downing experience that the frosting ISN’T gone? Enter the Oreos. What looks like an innocent little cupcake has one sweet secret waiting for you once you sink your teeth in.

As for what’s on top? Oreos and the thought of dirt cups made me think gummy worms. Potato chips and pretzels? I don’t even know. Sometimes you just can’t explain yourself. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I put all these things together. All I know is that it works.

Embrace the crazy, have a cupcake.

IMG_1659 IMG_1660

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