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  • Dubliner Bacon Garlic Herb Biscuits
    SUCH an awkwardly long recipe name. I know. Had no idea what else to call them and still make sure you know all the delicious ingredients that went into these things. [...]
  • My precious meatballs... BEFORE I spilled them on the rug :(
    It’s only a few days until the Super Bowl and the media can’t stop talking about balls. Guess it’s pretty appropriate that this recipe hops on the [...]
  • Hasta next week, readers. Up, Up and AWAY!
    Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets all giggity because someone famous(ish) likes your photos on Instagram every once in a while. It’s [...]
  • DSC_0103 - Version 2
    January. Why aren’t you over yet? Winter blues are setting in. December vacations are over, the holidays are in the rear view mirror, and now the most exciting part [...]
  • Irrelevance 2015-01-15
    First off… THIS. This makes me want to have a sleepover party real bad. Next. It’s almost the 16th! This means we’re just over halfway through the dreary [...]

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New OG CRB’s & Nomadic Tendencies

New OG CRB’s & Nomadic Tendencies

Happy Tuesday all! Shorty post to check in, because Tuesday evenings are a bit of a habit around here. Scrolling through upload, there is next to NOTHING of note this week, so I already don’t have much motivation to write up a full 5 Faves & a Dud at this point in time. However, I […]

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The 'Occasional Faileo' is the best way to describe how I eat my way through life. It's all about balance. The one you'll find here includes mostly Paleo recipes, with a cheese-filled or outright nutritionally atrocious post sprinkled in every once in a while. If you're not hungry, check out the OF's sister blog, Lulu & the Box for a dose of fitness & fashion.

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Om nom nom. Stuffing my face with  @stevespaleogoods at the @crossfitgames East Regional! All these #PFX15 posts make me regret not planning my vacation schedule early enough to make a trip to @paleofx - LOVE Austin. Love so much. So let's all sit here in our cubicles today pretending we're doing awesome things like sitting on a beautiful Austin night sipping on prickly pear margaritas at Matt's El Rancho on South Lamar. #Austin #ATX #summer #patio #pinkdrink Broke out ye olde spiralizer to help me meal prep for @rpstrength - eating leafy greens from a sandwich bag like they were a bunch of Cheetos is NOT gonna cut it in the long run. 😂 So... It's not paleo, but after seeing some phenomenal results in one of my best friends under their guidance, I'm going to give the @rpstrength templates a try. Beach season is on its way and my name has been absent from the PR board for a while. Instead of the simple YES/NO if a food is paleo, I'm going to give calculating macros a try. There will still be room for paleo recipes, given all the lean protein & veggies on the plan, but please don't judge me if I start buying peanut butter again. 😁 Also, I love spreadsheets. Not the cutest snack game ever, but here's a fun fact: the banana chocolate chip bread from #thepaleokitchen by @paleomg and @civilizedcaveman successfully keeps in the freezer and reheats into a kickass snack with 20 seconds in the microwave. 🙌😋 Meet Baxter. How do I take my coffee? BULLETPROOF. Time for the magic pixie dust before taking another stab at 15.4 Short sweet and straight to the point. I like it.

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