Top 10: Ways CrossFit & Paleo Make Me a Little Kid

I may not be a Toys R Us kid (sorry, when I was growing up, Toy Works was the jam) but I can say like them that I’m in no desperate hurry to grow the you-know-what up. It was fun being a kid. My life is fun now. Let me explain.

1) Scavenger Hunts – I swear, it was more fun when there were plastic eggs to be found with chocolate inside. Now, I find myself roaming up and down the aisle of grocery stores, list of odd items in hand, trying to find that one crucial ingredient for a wacky recipe that nobody else in their right mind would purchase. That’s why it’s so hard to find in the first place. WHOLE FOODS WHY DID YOU STOP CARRYING DRIED FIGS?!

2) Finger Food Friday. It’s a thing. I just decided it is. #FollowFriday is so 2010. See? Meet my lunch.


3) Hiding Veggies – As far as I know, my parents never did this to me as a child. If they did… congratulations Mom, you tricked me into eating more vegetables than I thought I did. I have no children of my own, but every morning you’ll find me putting as much spinach as possible into my fruit smoothie without it actually tasting like spinach. At least I’m now grown up enough that I’ll drink it if it still ends up green.


4) New Gear – CrossFit comps especially are just another way to see how much cool CrossFit stuff is out there. As a girl, I naturally want all the cute stuff I can afford without going into a pile of debt larger than my student loans. Must. have. cute. headband. Times 5!


5) I’m an annoyance at restaurants. I no longer just order a cheeseburger. It’s got to be X burger with no bun, sub for sweet potato fries. Can I get that grilled instead of fried? Double vegetables instead of rice, beans or potatoes? Yeah I’m a pain in the ass.


6) I carry a lunchbox to work with me daily. Pre-packed, pre-portioned so that I’m well-prepared for a long tiring day at the office. Gotta make sure that little Katy is fed healthy snacks so she doesn’t go pilfering from the department candy stash 3 cubes over.


7) Walk into CrossFit box = I WANT TO CLIMB ALL THE THINGS!

8) No shame in doing things like handstands on landmarks and pull-ups on playgrounds. If it’s fun, I’m doing it! Conventional family photos make for few exciting conversations down the road. Give me a good STORY. When I was 9, you could find me up a tree in my Grandmother’s yard all the time. Posing in front of the fireplace? Snooze.


9) Play Dates! Finally, a group of people that no matter what the crazy outdoor sporting event is, there’s a 95% chance that someone at the box will do it with you. 5 mile obstacle course? Drop in to a box with you when you’re all the way across the country? Check. Charity WOD? Check. More obstacle courses? A 5K that makes you look like a bag of toxic skittles exploded in your face? YES. CrossFitters are fun like that.

10) Angry Smoothie. ‘Nuff said.



  1. Dude. I will legit participate in Finger Food Friday if you make it a Thing. What’s the hashtag? Must have a hastag to be legit. #twitterforever


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