Quick Arugula Salad


I’m on a honeymoon with arugula. Like… that whole ‘OMG you met someone new and this is the best thing ever and what did I ever do before you were in my life’ kind of thing. I feel bad for spinach, I’ve been kind of sticking it on the bottom shelf for a bit. Long story short, I headed out for a much needed girl (read: wine & whine) night last weekend. Pretty much ordered an arugula salad off the menu pre-pizza to make myself feel less guilty about the pizza I was about to enjoy.

This salad was simple and delicious and enough to make me run home and eat it in various incarnations about 5x in the last 7 days. Arugula, I have no idea how and why we haven’t met sooner. My name is Katy and I really, really like you. There are 3 very basic building blocks, and then your imagination can take over from there. I’ve eaten this for lunch. I’ve put it on top of pizza. I’ve eaten it BEFORE pizza. I’ve eaten it as a side dish with breakfast. Frittata and salad? Yes please. Quicker, easier and significantly less messy than my repeated (failed) adventures in creating paleo waffles.

I just really like eating this salad. Then again, I just really like eating.

Quick Arugula Salad

The Basics: Arugula, EVOO, Lemon Juice

And all that jazz: Bacon, Shaved hard cheese of your choice, Goat Cheese, Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes… the list goes on.

Note: Before anyone goes CHEESE WTF… Annie Thorisdottir eats cheese. Therefore, half a tablespoon on a salad isn’t going to kill my (don’t call it a) comeback to CrossFit. I guess this thing called the Open (ha!) is starting in a few days? This ought to be fun.

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