Paleo Nutella Cups

Paleo Nutella Cups

No Nutella was harmed in the making of this next recipe. I can’t say the same for real cocoa powder and real hazelnuts.

I have been watching wayyyy too much Gilmore Girls on Netflix lately. I know, that makes me sound like suuuuch a basic white girl. Did I mention I often do this binge watching under a fuzzy purple blanket decked out in lululemon? Pretty soon I’ll be drinking Eggnog Lattes and hashtagging everything around me #blessed, right down to something so mundane as dropping a piece of toast on the ground and being so #thankful that it landed reduced-fat peanut butter side up. I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Eggnog is gross, as is reduced-fat peanut butter. Go big or go home.

Hm. That escalated quickly. Back to the recipe.

Paleo Nutella Cups

For the filling:
– 6 Dried & Pitted Dates
– 6 Dried Figs
– 1/4 cup Whole Hazelnuts
– 1/2 cup Almond Butter
– 1/2 tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract
– 1 tbsp Coconut Crystals
– 1 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
– 1 pinch of Salt

Coating: 1-1/4 cup Enjoy Life DARK CHOCOLATE Morsels (I can’t tell you how excited I was to see these in the grocery store.)

Helpful supplies: Mini silicone baking cups

1) In a food processor, chop the Dates, Figs and Hazelnuts until they’re as fine as they are going to get. They won’t get all the way down to a meal. Just chop until you give up hope, then move on.

2) Add in the Almond Butter, followed by the Vanilla Extract, Coconut Crystals, Cocoa Powder & Salt. Mix in the food processor until all ingredients are well-incorporated.

3) Take 1/2 tbsp portions of the mixture, and mold them into small patties. Freeze for at least an hour before moving on.

4) Carefully melt the Enjoy Life Chips, either over a double boiler or in the microwave.

5) Dip each patty in the melted chocolate, it’s okay if there’s a thick coating. Put each one into a silicone baking cup, letting the extra chocolate mold itself into cute little cup form.

6) Back in the fridge they go to harden!

They may be a labor of love, but they won over the family at Thanksgiving. Then I forgot the handful that were left over at Mom’s house. At least someone got to enjoy them.

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