Paleo Challenge

I’d commonly heard that the paleo diet was a ‘thing’ in the CrossFit world. Once upon a time, I was also known to stock no less than 5 different kinds of cheese in my refrigerator at any given moment in time. When I saw the sign go up at the gym advertising the first ever Lurong Luving Paleo Challenge, I wondered if I actually could give up my favorite items for just two measly months, to see if my performance at the box got any better.

I said, no effing way I would be able to give up cheese, beer, cupcakes, gummy bears, sandwiches, pizza, Cheerios, peanut butter, English muffins, potatoes… You get the point. Shoot, my nickname around the office is ‘Cupcakes’, because I make some pretty delicious ones.

Yet, for some reason whenever I made the excuse that it’s hard, I started thinking more and more like Barney Stinson. Others in my morning CrossFit class made the same comments that they wouldn’t be able to do it. Suddenly I wanted to do it, for the exact reason I just said I didn’t want to. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I thought it would be fun to chronicle the entire adventure on YouTube. So, I grabbed my iPad and talked at it. A lot.

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