What is Paleo?

“Isn’t paleo that thing that Mark Zuckerberg does that considers one of those giant turkey legs from the state fair with a side of bacon healthier than a bowl of oatmeal?”

Here’s the skinny: I am not an all-knowing guru when it comes to the exact science behind paleo, I just signed up for a paleo challenge and then read into all the reasons why I should no longer eat many of what I then considered my favorite foods. Long story short, if a caveman couldn’t pick it, kill it or cook it on his own, then we probably shouldn’t be eating it now.

I tried it, I liked it, so I started a blog about it. So many other bloggers out there rescued me from culinary mediocrity as I was learning the paleo ropes myself. The Occasional Faileo is my way of sharing recipes and tidbits of workout motivation that hopefully help others in their transition into a more paleo-based lifestyle while giving into the occasional old friend from the past, like ye olde slice of pizza or birthday cake. It’s all about balance, people.

QuestionMark2Below are some resources written by well-known authors & bloggers for you to cruise to gain a bit better understanding on the foundations of the paleo lifestyle:


Paleo Infographic

I know. For a beginner, it can be overwhelming to have so many staples of your previous way of eating suddenly become a no-no. The first few weeks are the toughest. It took me almost 3 weeks of eating perfectly clean before I started to feel GOOD about what I was doing by changing up my eating habits. All I can say is to stick with it, as you have a VAST resource at your fingertips when it comes to delicious paleo recipes… it’s called the internet.

At this point, paleo is becoming so widespread that surely if you’re looking for a paleo-fied alternative to a food you’re craving, the recipe is already out there. Who says that eating clean needs to be grilled chicken and steamed veggies every night?

HAVE FUN with it!


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