PaleOMG Double Chocolate Energy Bites

Scrolling through my trusty iPhone photo stream, I realized I had zero photos of one of my favorite paleo recipes. So, for photography’s sake, I made more. Not really. I made more because they are delicious, and I haven’t had any in weeks. PaleOMG strikes again. This recipe is especially dear to me, as it was the first one I made when I decided to really embrace paleo and see what kind of magic I could conjure up in the kitchen.

They look a bit like sticky peanut butter munchkins, but they’re not – and, if sticky peanut butter munchkins existed, these would still be SO much better for you.


I love them so much, I even made a cooking video for my Paleo Challenge vlog about them. I’m that much of a doofus. Just me and my mini food processor. Making quarter-recipes of things is starting to get annoying. Don’t worry, I’m asking for an adult sized one for Christmas.

Without further ado, PaleOMG Double Chocolate Energy Bites. Watch and learn.

Ever wonder what the inside of a fig looks like? This.20121127-193647.jpg

Paging Mr. Newton…

Get it? Fig Newton?

Gahhh my humor is terrible.

There you have it. The photos may or may not technically be SINGLE Chocolate Energy Bites (Last time I was there, Whole Foods had Enjoy Life Mini Chips on sale and I was one of the suckers who missed out), therefore the only thing chocolate about the ones pictured is the unsweetened cocoa powder. I thought about sticking in Nestle chocolate chips for a minute, but they were too big.

My next idiot idea was to put M&M’s into the food processor and see if I could get mini chocolate chips that way. Negative. All I got was a bunch of ugly M&M’s with the shiny finish reduced to a dust, and a racket so loud I needed to yank out my custom-molded ear plugs that I save for airplanes and standing on pit road at a NASCAR race. Whoops.

Single chocolate energy bites it is. Who else out there has awesome paleo treat recipes to share? I’m always game to attempt something new. Like this coconut banana chocolate thing I tried a few weeks ago. It was not delicious.


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