Grubbing for a Gold Star

If any of you have read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, you know what I’m talking about when I say “scorekeeping”. The author talks about her tendency to demand gold stars and keep score, expecting a pat on the back whenever she even makes a small accomplishment.


I’m absolutely guilty as charged. But, that’s not the point.

I’ve noticed a bit of a phenomenon since I’ve embarked on my CrossFit and Paleo endeavors. Eating paleo generally isn’t going to come up if you’re eating a salad at lunch, or downing a glass of Pinot Noir with a filet mignon at dinner. However, if you’re making stuffed mushroom caps for yourself on family calzone night and filling up on fruit salad instead of fresh baked cookies, you’re likely going to have to explain yourself.

I generally try not to announce my eating habits unless I’m asked about them… BUT- when you previously have a crazy sweet tooth and insatiable appetite like me, people who I know tend to ask a lot. So I talk about it. A lot.

Once you explain the idea and share all the up sides of paleo with the “I Could Never” crowd, you may start to notice something, like I have. Individuals who don’t appear to be confident in their eating or fitness habits, but are looking to make some progress, get really excited to share with me when they make a healthy choice. Like a kid who comes home all excited to show off his latest project from art class.

It’s pretty cool. CrossFit and Paleo are notorious for being a challenge, which is why I think many people are too timid to try it out. When others come to me with questions on how to eat or where to start in getting back into shape, I am more than happy to share stories about my successes and failures along the way, giving them something to relate to.

As my friend Lloyd said recently, “CrossFit’s an epidemic.” It is, and it’s something I am incredibly excited to be a part of. It stretches beyond the walls of the box and the members I work out with. Every time someone comes to me seeking a gold star for an accomplishment in health or fitness because of something I shared with them, I’ll gladly dish it out.

The more people I can talk WODs, 1-rep maxes and recipes with, the better.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of reaction from friends and family?

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