Italian Meatloaf

This is so easy and so good I made it not even an hour ago for the first time and I’m already running to blog about it with an incredibly obnoxious run-on sentence as my opening line. Try that on for size. I’m excited. I set 3 new PR’s within a single WOD this evening. Shaved 2 seconds off my mile time, benched 115lbs and managed to get 7 pull-ups in a row before coming off the bar. *high fives self*

Sung to the tune of Jay-Z… “on to the meatloaf”. I really just said that. Yup.


Really kids, meatloaf gets a bad rap. You’re still thinking terrible thoughts from your elementary school cafeteria when I say that word. I know it. Stop it. If you do it right in your own home, it’s actually really good. Like tacos. I DO NOT trust anything from Taco Bell. However, I love me a good taco when I make it myself. So, grab some meat and spices and get going.

I was not in the mood for some fancy schmancy cooking tonight. I wanted easy. I got the meatloaf mix of meat at the store yesterday for this exact purpose. Tossing some spices in and calling it a meal.


I used PaleOMG’s Italian Meatloaf recipe as a guide. Some differences in what you see here – I am not red pepper’s biggest fan, so I didn’t add any. I used white onion instead of yellow. Instead of just ground beef, I got jazzy. What you see here is a mix of beef, veal and pork. I am allergic to measuring things exactly. To be quite honest, I’m not sure how much of what went into this thing.

Meatloaf is so flipping easy. Ground meat. Spices. Egg. Almond Flour. Mix. Bake. Coat in tomato sauce if you’re feeling sassy. Eat. Go back for seconds. Eat more. Yum.


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