Top Ten: Things Just as Dumb as Skipping Breakfast

I love breakfast. I really love breakfast. One thing I discovered when starting the paleo thing is that you can pretty much eat however much you want as long as you eat the right foods. How well you eat when you wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day. While delicious and fun to look at, I find that pink sprinkle donuts don’t really provide the high-quality fuel I need to stay focused in the office and smash another PR at the gym later in the day. I have since then fallen even more in love with my first meal of the day.


That said, I personally feel that skipping breakfast is a relatively dumb idea. Enough to inspire me to create my top ten list of things that are just as dumb as skipping out on the most important meal of the day. Ready, folks?

*Drumroll Please*

1) The fact that I lost the piece of notepaper I wrote the original list on this afternoon and now have to come up with it all over again.
2) Junk mail. The kind that ends up in my actual mailbox, that I have to drive over to and deal with in person.
3) The person who parked the width of a backpack away from me in an already tight parking garage when I was in Miami.
4) Travelers in the Atlanta airport who choose to stand and block both escalators up from the train while you’re trying to use the upwards-moving stairway to your advantage and sprint to make your connection. Same goes for jokers who stand on people movers.
5) Taunting a hungry Velociraptor.
6) Sweatpants with words plastered across the butt. The general public is not really into thinking about how JUICY or PINK you think you are while in line at the grocery store. Those thoughts should be saved for purchasing things like a filet mignon. Please keep your sentiments to yourself.
7) Couples who go on dates… only to spend the entire time in silence engaging in text conversations with people who aren’t even there.
8) The annual January fight for parking spots near the door AT THE GYM when there are plenty available a few rows back. Take a minute and let that one sink in.
9) The fact that I somehow managed to set off the smoke alarm in my place while boiling a pot of WATER this weekend.
10) Crocs.

You know what’s NOT dumb? I broke through the proverbial brick wall and power cleaned 125lbs today. Had a few solid attempts at 135. I can tell. It’s coming soon. I also saw Billy Crystal speak at work today. Homeboy is hilarious.

It’s all because of the bacon and eggs I ate for breakfast.

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