Keeping it Paleo At: Five Guys

How many people does it take to assemble an awesome burger? Five. Five Guys. Get it?


I crack myself up.

Traveling is a paleo eater’s nemesis. It requires you to feel like a real thorn in a server’s side when doing your best to modify something on the menu to make it paleo…ish. Did pretty well at On the Border last night. Chicken Achiote Tacos, hold the rice & beans, add double vegetables on the side. Obviously don’t eat the tortillas. I know, I know I know… Get to the burger already.

I made a new discovery online last night when Googling paleo randomness – In-N-Out is NOT the only burger joint willing to wrap your burger in lettuce. Five Guys also rides the lettuce train. So, what did I get on the way back to the hotel from CrossFit?

Deliciousness. Don’t even think about the French fries. Bad bad bad bad bad.


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