CF = Community, Fortified.

I’m willing to bet that 80% of you reading this who knew me before I started CF in August think I’ve gone off the deep end.  The other 20% get it. This CrossFit thing has got me caught… hook, line and sinker. Why?

CF Redzone Fundraiser

Is it the really loud music?
I wonder how many heavy lifts Skrillex & Lil Jon are responsible for… a lot.

Is it the spandex?
I should consider owning stock in Under Armour at this point. Are they even publicly traded?

What about all the cool shoes?
Inov-8 this, Nano that. It’s only a matter of time before I go sneaker shopping.

Neon shirts, socks and headbands?
Try and lose me in the dark… YOU CAN’T.

Getting into better shape than you ever thought was possible?

3 … (ohmigodi’mnotreadyforthis) … 2 … (whydidiagreetodothisRx) … 1 … (AHHHHHHH!) … GO!

The fact that it’s okay for a girl to lift heavy?
Why yes, I did just dead lift the weighted equivalent of a large man the other day.

Yes and no. For me, it’s the people.

I’ve only participated in 2 charity WODs since beginning CrossFit, but each one, the energy and sense of community has been mind-boggling. No matter if you just rolled in from on-ramp classes or you’re challenging for a spot at regionals, when someone is in need of support, the CF community is there.

Today, CrossFit RedZone in Newtown, CT hosted a fundraiser in support of those affected by the downright horrible happenings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in recent weeks. 700+ CrossFit athletes came from all over the northeast for a 10min partner WOD. Do the simple math. Hundreds of athletes traveled hours to show their support of the cause and do roughly 5 minutes of work. 5 minutes. Who in their right mind goes hours out of their way to support a cause for 5 measly minutes?

CrossFitters do. Those minutes aren’t measly. They’re meaningful.

So yes… the workout fashionista in me thinks the gear is pretty cool. That sense of accomplishment I get when I set a new PR makes me feel like a badass. However, the feeling you get when you’re WOD-ing for a cause? That trumps all.

Call it crazy, but that’s community. That’s commitment. That’s CrossFit.

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