Paleo Peach BBQ Chicken

I am easily swayed by food and advertisements. So, when Juli over at PaleOMG advised the world to get in on the action with Steve’s Original Paleochef Sauces, I obliged.


So, I logged on and purchased the Steve’s Original Paleochef Sampler, because everyone who knows me is aware that getting me to make up my mind on what to eat is impossible. Why? Because the answer to the question “Katy, what do you want to eat?” when presented with multiple options is “ALL OF IT.”

A few days later, a nice little parcel made its way to me from Pennsauken, NJ. Let’s get SAUCY.

By ‘getting saucy’ I mean… falling out of your chair. Because this is something that is stupid easy and delicious. Our boy Steve is doing all the work.

All you need is: Boneless skinless chicken breast, half an onion, Steve’s Original Peach BBQ Sauce

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Slice the half onion into half rings. It’s actually kind of fun to put the chicken in a little cage. Go straight to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. It’s onion jail for you.

Next up, pour a generous amount of sauce over each piece of chicken. If your baking pan doesn’t come with an oven-safe cover, aluminum foil will do. Your misbehaved chicken now must sit in the oven and think about what it’s done for the next 35-40 minutes or so.

2013 01 14 2

There ya go. Dinner made so easy that it was more work to blog about than to cook. Thanks Steevo!


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