You Know You’re a CrossFitter WHEN…


I looked down at my hands to remove the crazy lime green and black zebra striped tape after getting my butt handed to me by a WOD named Angie this morning. 100 pull-ups and they’re a mess. Thought to myself… CrossFit hands. Not cute. Then, was inspired to come up with a list.

You know you’re a CrossFitter WHEN…

1) You no longer speak English. Acronyms are the norm.

CF Bro #1: “Hey man, did you see tomorrow’s WOD?”
CF Bro #2: “Yeah, EMOM 7 C&J x2 at 95% 1RM, then 2 rounds 50 K2E, 40 HSPUs, 30 DUs, 20 GHD situps & 10 OH squats (75% 1RM) FT.”
CF Bro #1: Sweet! You better go Rx with me. Go big or go home. So glad there aren’t any SDHPs in there. They suck.

2) You manage to utilize 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of gloves, a roll of tape, a hat, 2 headbands, a set of wrist wraps and an iPod… all for a 30 minute workout.

3) Your perception vs the reality of how often you eat ‘cheat meals’ is incredibly skewed.

4) You own every t-shirt your box has ever sold.

5) You disagree that high socks are only for skiers, soccer players and your Great Grandpa Joe’s outfits in the summer. (I mean seriously, his don’t have kettlebells and bacon on them. This look was meant for me!)

6) You walk into Town Fair Tire and immediately want to FLIP EVERYTHING.

7) You employ Olympic lifting techniques to successfully load your car alone at Ikea.

8) Going to the bar in spandex post-WOD or post-comp is considered acceptable behavior.

9) ‘Fight Gone Bad’ means more than just a reason you broke up with your crazy ex.

10) Your hands look like THIS. All the time. So do everyone else’s.


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