Irrelevance of the Week – 1/23/15

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets all giggity because someone famous(ish) likes your photos on Instagram every once in a while. It’s awesomesauce when corporate accounts for products you love recognize and repost your stuff (Thank you Formulx & Kerrygold!).

It’s even cooler when you post something random and you do a double take reading the names on your notification screen. It’s happened with Jesse Palmer a few times. Then Margaux Alvarez. The most recent? Cris Cyborg. Aka… someone who’s badass enough to beat the notable Gina Carano in MMA. I may not follow the sport, but she’s famous enough that I’ve definitely seen and heard her name in the media before.


Speaking of Instagram, Kippy’s Ice Creams shared a photo that made me absolutely stop and drop the monster pile of work I was chipping away at in the office today and DROOL. Now you can drool too. Then follow me. @OccasionalFaileo

No recipe on the blog in the last 7 days, seeing that I took a short business trip to Lexington, KY this week. Just took me until just tonight to finally drag my rear end to the grocery store and restock on life, thanks to the threat of messy winter weather overnight. I’ve got some peppermint extract and an abundance of Enjoy Life chips to have some fun with.


Fun fact: Living in Kentucky MIGHT AS WELL BE FREE. Kerrygold Dubliner for only $3.29? #whaaaaaaaaaaatttt

Found for $3.29 at Whole Foods in Lexington, KY! Same sells for $6-7/block in CT.

Another upside of my trip to Kentucky, there was a Starbucks across the street from the hotel – meaning I got to give the newly-introduced Flat White a try. Do it. If you’re into dairy and coffee… just do it. 🙂

Other Notably Irrelevant Stuff:

  • 110lb snatch PR in CrossFit this evening
  • Natural daylight lightbulbs will hopefully change my winter food photography for the good
  • Natural daylight itself makes for photos good enough to warrant updating your facebook profile pic for the first time since 2013. See front page of this here blog of mine.
  • PF Chang’s is the best spot to grab some food & drink when stuck in ATL. Strawberry Cucumber Limeade off the non-alcoholic menu spiked with Tito’s please and THANK YOU.
Hasta next week, readers. Up, Up and AWAY!
Hasta next week, readers. Up, Up and AWAY!

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