Dave Castro Doesn’t Define You


Ah… it’s that time of year. For the past 4 weeks and with 1 to go, CrossFitters across the world (myself included) have been jumping through hoop after hoop set by none other than the Ring Master himself, THE Dave Castro.

2015 is my 3rd year participating in the CrossFit Open. It took until this year to finally get the dependable AV technology to watch the Open WOD announcements from the comfort of my own home on my TELEVISION… not my phone, iPad or laptop.


Anyhow, the Open is a great exercise in observing the different behaviors and attitudes that people develop over 5 weeks. I’ve seen people who were so serious about the Open going into it, pull a complete 180 and say in all seriousness “f*ck this, the Open is so stupid” after not getting a score they’d hoped for. Others, who aren’t normally comfortable in a competitive environment and…

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