From Homestead to Homeward Bound

Fun fact: I have a job that has to do with race cars. This is where I spent yesterday. 3 cheers for Brad Keselowski and the giant beer he cradled during his SportsCenter interview.


Below is the view I have at work on my first day off the Paleo Challenge. I ate a sandwich after I left the track. You know you have writer’s block when you’re talking about what you ate for lunch. Let’s be honest, nobody cares about my field trip to the Publix deli counter. I’m going to set down the iPad and slowly walk away until I can come up with something you may actually find interesting.

[6 hours pass by]

I set a new PR in power cleans today! Tonight was my final session at Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach before heading up the eastern seaboard back to home sweet SCF. Equaled my current 1 rep max on Clean & Jerks (115lbs), upped the weight to go for 120. Got the clean but the jerk was a fail. OH WELL. I’ll take it.

I then went and got a pile of delicious at Whole Foods for dinner. Yum. I love per diem.

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