PaleOMG’s Double Layer Fudge

Let’s throw this out there… Juli Bauer, the girl behind PaleOMG, is a genius. She’s like… the paleo dessert whisperer or something like that. The things she can come up with the same common ingredients (almond butter, coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder) are amazing. This is one of those things.


Ladies and gents, I present to you – PaleOMG Double Layer Fudge

I made it with my tiny Napoleon complex food processor a few weeks ago, and cannot wait to get in the kitchen and make another batch. My eyeballing skills aren’t the best, so when the recipe said to dish out half into the pan and save the rest to turn into the delicious chocolatey layer, I was pretty conservative. Hence, my layers aren’t too pronounced.

Let’s be real… Who is honestly going to complain that the chocolate layer is too thick? No one. Exactly.

Prep of this recipe is pretty darn easy, and there’s no need to melt your coconut oil. (Score!) At the end, top your fudge off with whatever your little heart desires. I chose unsweetened coconut flakes, vegan chocolate chips (Whole Foods ran out of Enjoy Life chips, WTF), and sea salt. Next time, I plan on mimicking my newfound obsession of sea salt and almonds in chocolate.

Sorry coconut, you’re getting benched. Almonds, it’s time to step it up. Mark Sanchez, you’re coconut. Tim Tebow is almonds.

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