HSPUs, M&M’s and Meat Loaf

Anyone who doesn’t do CrossFit is probably scratching their head wondering what the eff an HSPU is. It’s the reason I just made paleo Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf for dinner, and a full batch of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies. Still not making sense? All aboard my train of thought.


HSPU = Handstand Pushup. They’re hard. I need to figure out how to do them by January 19th. I WILL compete in the Rx division of this comp if it kills me. It’s the only thing in all the Rx movement standards that I don’t have yet.

This means, I’m going to attack them from both ends. The stronger I get, the more of my own body weight I CAN lift. The more weight I lose, the less of my body weight I HAVE to lift. See where I’m going with this? Back on the FU junk food paleo diet. Time to clean the kitchen out once again.

So… what to do with the remainder of the 2.5lb bag of M&M’s that’s been haunting me for the past week? Make cookies to feed to my coworkers. Call it an occasional faileo. Who doesn’t like when a person brings in homemade cookies? I couldn’t possibly let those cute little candies go to waste. It’s not you, M&M’s, It’s me. I just need some space right now.

But, I am mean enough to post pictures of the cookies here and make you want them.

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