Buffalo Chicken Meat Loaf

So Foodie Friday is going up a day late. Deal with it. Happy Saturday, everyone.

Judging by the reactions I get when I try to tell people what I made for dinner this week, meatloaf is something that stirs up less than pleasant memories. What probably comes to mind is a vision of a wannabe beef-ish brick covered in mystery goo sauce served to you on a styrofoam tray in your elementary school cafeteria in 1992. Yes, styrofoam, before everyone decided to go green. None of that recyclable compostable paper stuff.

Again, a recipe from PaleOMG has made its way onto the dinner table in Casa Katy. This time, it’s Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf!


I only made a few modifications to my recipe, 3 to be exact. Two were because I’m a lazy cheapskate. The other was because I like onions. First, I was too cheap to buy mini loaf pans when I had a perfectly good one that I managed to pilfer from my Mom’s house 2 years ago when she made me some homemade Mac & Cheese. If you go the full-size loaf pan route, odds are you’ll need to increase the cook time. I think mine was in the oven for 40-45 minutes.


Secondly, I didn’t have any cayenne pepper. I thought the price Stop & Shop was selling it for was outrageous, so I didn’t buy any. I don’t feel like the recipe is missing much without it. Lastly, 1/4 of a small yellow onion just didn’t feel like enough. So, I’m pretty sure I went a little crazy on the onion and put 3/4 of a normal sized on in. The other 1/4 got saved for the next morning’s omelet. (Look at me all prepared in advance!)

Cut, dice, chop, sprinkle, mix, bake, eat. Eat more. This recipe is a great way to accidentally eat half a pound of meat for dinner.

Loaf is a funny word. Loaf loaf loaf.

(If you’re wondering why I never list PaleOMG’s recipes here and force you through the extreme effort of clicking once more to get there, it’s because it’s her her recipe, and her site deserves the traffic.)

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