A CrossFit Girl’s Christmas List

HO HO HO! Christmas is coming up around the corner. Hanukkah just happened. Whichever religion you practice (or don’t), ’tis the general season that America gets gifty. It gave me the warm fuzzies that one of our vendors sent me a box of chocolates for the holidays. (Thanks, NEP!) I’m easily won over with food and drink.

As you know, CrossFitters are a different breed. If you read a CrossFit girl’s Christmas list, you may notice that hers may differ from that of a Standard Sally you may run into at the mall. Like this:

Occasional Faileo

Normal girls want: a Coach wristlet. CrossFit girls want: Wrist wraps.

Occasional Faileo1

Normal girls want: Designer jeans. CrossFit girls want: Designer spandex.

Occasional Faileo2

Normal girls want: Cashmere-lined gloves. CrossFit girls want: Wide receiver gloves.

Occasional Faileo3

Normal girls want: A shiny iPod Nano. CrossFit girls want: Reebok Nanos.

Occasional Faileo4

Normal girls want: Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. CrossFit girls want: An actual notebook, for tracking WODs.

We’re silly. I also wouldn’t mind a custom-length jump rope.

Did I miss anything else?

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