Bacon Sausage Egg Bites


Just a few random thoughts to start things off and make you scratch your head, wondering what in the world does any of this have to do with the recipe I’m expecting to read?

  • I know that sharing is caring, but whoever gave me these germs I’m currently trying to fight off, please take them back.
  • That said, I just love Pine Brothers throat drops. I’ve also drank what seems like a lake full of purple G2 today. Yeahhh electrolytes!
  • The light bulb I just bought to replace in my ceiling fan is too big for the glass to fit back over it again. It’s like “My Spoon is Too Big”… but with a light bulb. That said, I am not a banana.
  • Chai tea latte plus Diet Pepsi with dinner = oh geez, I’m caffeinated. What time will this keep me up until tonight? Sadly, only about 10pm. I’m old.
  • I’ve just wasted the past 20min putzing around the CrossFit Games site. There went another 20. Seriously, Katy? Get it together.

Alright. I think enough randomness is out of my system to get me through this blog post uninterrupted. My poor little frying pan and front right burner are by far the most overused things in my kitchen. Why? My practically daily fix of bacon and eggs for breakfast. Even an old pan can learn new tricks… or take the week off. I chose to give Ol’ Reliable a rest in favor of something new.

Of course there’s a tiny bit of a side story in here. Did you really think it was as straightforward as ingredients, recipe, photo collage? Things didn’t really go exactly to plan.

Paleo Breakfast Bites – 12 Servings

– 8 Eggs
– 1lb Italian Sausage
– 6 slices of Bacon
– 1/2 White Onion, chopped

Ingredient that should have been in here had I stuck to my original plan: Sweet Potatoes. Christmas morning ringing a bell?

My intentions were to  make PaleOMG On-the-Go Egg bites. There are supposed to be some partially-cooked on the stovetop slices of sweet potato in there. Below is an illustration of why the sweet potatoes did NOT make it into my final product.


Step 1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2) In a large skillet, precook your bacon while it’s still in strips. Precook means, cook it 70% of the way, then set it aside on a paper towel to soak up some of the grease while you move on to step 3.


Step 3) In the same hot skillet the bacon was in, brown the sausage. Being a new recipe, I opted to use mild Italian sausage. I then was scolded by one of my Italian friends for not getting the hot kind. Lesson learned. It’s up to you how spicy or not you’d like your breakfast to be. Halfway through the browning process, throw the diced onions into the mix.

2013 03 17.1

INTERMISSION: This is where the sweet potatoes were supposed to happen. Original recipe said, crank the burner up to high and cook the sweet potatoes for a few minutes on each side. You know how some smells just remind you of things? It suddenly smelled like Christmas morning to me. Not in the sense of cookies and cinnamon and Santa Claus, but OMG THE MICROWAVE. I looked down and this was happening.


Ugh. I swear my pans just get really hot. Anyone else with dark Calphalon cookware experience the same thing? The burner is on 6-7 out of 10 and things get crispy out of nowhere. It’s great for boiling water, and not much else. Clearly, the sweet potatoes were buried at sea with the help of my garbage disposal as I forged on towards making some sort of breakfast happen.

I already decided to add bacon and onions (not in the original recipe), so at this point without the sweet potatoes I considered myself on my own. I didn’t even listen to how many eggs I was supposed to use… original recipe called for 12. Oh boy.

While I was letting the sausage brown, I cracked my eggs into a bowl. Apparently I got a little excited on one and managed to crack it while it was still in the carton. What a mess.


What step are we on? 4? Okay.

Step 4) While the onion/sausage mix is finishing up, slice the bacon into small pieces. This is also a good time to crack/beat the eggs in a separate bowl, and make sure your cupcake pan is lined. Silicone baking cups are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this recipe.

Step 5) Spoon the onion/sausage mix into your baking cups. I had enough to fill 12 of them to approximately 2/3 capacity and still have leftover meat. Guess who’s having bolognese this week? Follow it up with an even distribution of bacon pieces on top of each cup.

Step 6) With a small measuring cup, fill in each baking cup with the beaten eggs. By the initial looks of it, you may not have the foggiest idea of how that much egg is going to fit into what little space you think is available. Trust me. It will fit.


Step 7) Bake for 15-18 minutes. I initially went for 13 minutes, and they were still rather oozy on top. 4 more minutes and they were perfectly starting to peel away from the sides of the baking cups, often like a layer cake does when it’s fully cooked.

Step 8) ENJOY! Also, turn off your oven. I neglected to do that for about 2 hours after.

2013 03 17.2



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