Buffalo Chicken Bites

Yes, I’m on a ‘bite’ kick. No, I’m not a vampire. Nor do I read about sparkly ones. My fantastical literary allegiance is to Harry Potter. My body has chosen to get sick at a very inopportune time. We’re right smack dab in the middle of the CrossFit Open, and the Charity Cycling Challenge is coming up on the 30th. This leaves me even busier than usual. Busier than usual = little time or motivation to cook.


In an attempt to be proactive, I took my Sunday morning to make those bacon sausage egg bites for the week. I LOVED popping 2 in the microwave and having breakfast ready for me in about 45 seconds today. This got me thinking… I have this chicken in the fridge that needs to be used. I was going to make buffalo chicken meatloaf. Upon peeking in the fridge, I realized I got onion happy and put the ones I had in yesterday’s recipe. Oops. What else can I do with it?

Spent a little time on Chowstalker today. If you’re trying to go paleo (or just be healthy in general), it’s a great site that bloggers can submit their recipes to. I’ve been fortunate enough for them to list a few of my recipes up there by now. Not the point. Point is, I saw someone who posted mini meatloafs, which really just looked like meat in a cupcake tin. I wanted buffalo chicken, but I didn’t want meatloaf (shocker!). I wanted bite size. I googled “paleo buffalo chicken” and this recipe came up. Oh man does my kitchen smell good right now.

Click through for the full recipe rundown from Paleo Spirit. I made a few modifications, but am still trying hard not to run back into the kitchen for seconds.

OMISSIONS: Onion Powder, Ghee (I took a pastry brush and sauced them with Frank’s Red Hot only)
SUBSTITUTION: Didn’t have Sea Salt, had to use normal salt
ADDITION: Celery Salt in place of Onion Powder

Who are we kidding… I’m going back to the kitchen for more.

Nom nom nom.

2013 03 19

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