Magic Brownie Bars

Holy schnikeys did I make a mess in the kitchen tonight. In the wake of my egg bite and subsequent chicken nugget success earlier this week, ambition took over and I decided to cook both dinner AND a Tuesday Treat tonight. I’ve still got things to do tonight, so I’m going to keep this post relatively short and sweet.


Taking absolutely no credit for any of this, it was all Juli over at PaleOMG. Follow yellow brick road to her Magic Brownie Bar recipe.

I learned a few things tonight.

  • Like sweet potatoes, I am not sure that block of coconut cream concentrate and I are ever going to be friends.
  • When it comes to baking, read instructions THOROUGHLY. I know that’s the exact opposite of what I do when it comes to dinner recipes, but don’t mess with dessert. Tonight, I accidentally microwaved the egg whites along with the rest of the ingredients of the top layer. No wonder it looked like a coconut omelet was beginning to form in the bottom of the bowl. It was.
  • No matter if it’s paleo or not, brownies are better a la mode. I absolutely admit to enjoying my brownie with a mini serving of gelato.
  • Portobello mushroom caps aren’t very photogenic. Tune in tomorrow for proof.
  • I am actually capable of doing 50 burpees in under 3 minutes. Go self.


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