Bacon Garlic Sautéed Spinach

This is one of those weeks when I purposely don’t go grocery shopping. Business trips in the near future mean one thing to me and one thing only – USE WHAT’S IN THE FRIDGE. Turkey leftovers for dinner last night, breakfast for lunch yesterday… odds and ends are us. I really can’t even call what I’m currently calling a recipe because it’s so basic and stupid easy to make. Wait… I just did. Whoops… continuing on.


Bacon Garlic Sautéed Spinach

What you’ll need: All the items on Captain Obvious’ Grocery List. Bacon, Garlic, Spinach.

1) Cook however many slices of bacon you like in a skillet. Take bacon out of the pan, LEAVE THE GREASE IN.

2) Turn heat down to Low… Medium/Low at the hottest.

3) Toss minced garlic and a giant pile of spinach into the skillet and stir.

4) Add more spinach because HOLY CRAP that huge pile wilted down to nothing real fast.

5) Catch it before it turns that unfortunate shade of green that means you’ve overcooked, and enjoy.

Really… this is a great side dish. But if you’re like me and don’t have fresh meat and are too impatient to defrost that tenderloin in the freezer, this is dinner.

Bon appétit my friends, bon appétit.


  1. I do this with kale all the time (with a little crushed red pepper because I like it hot) and my hubby is actually finally requesting that I cook kale now, after years of me trying to force him to eat it.


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