21DSD: Day 1

I’m pretty sure most of us have been there… You go out to a party, enjoy more than one too many adult beverages, wake up the next day and the thought of boozing again repulses you.

I kind of did something like that this weekend, but with candy. Tipped over the edge by some Sour Patch Kids and a snack bag of Baked Cheetos. I’ve been toying around with the idea of hopping on board and giving the 21 Day Sugar Detox a try for a few months now, but never really declared that X date is the day I’m starting. Well, today I am.

21DSD Banner

Flew south for a business trip this weekend. Let’s play a matching game.

Home: CT
Work: AL

70 degrees, clear skies and sun
Temps in the 40’s, constant rain

Which weather happened where? Yeah. I flew south to sit in stupid wet weather while everyone at home was posting all over Facebook how beautiful it was for a hike, a 5K and drinks on the patio. This was Talladega.


This frustrated me. So I booked myself a plane ticket to Florida. What better swift kick of motivation in the (yoga) pants than the reality of prancing around in a swimsuit in the next month to drop the sugar habit and commit to the 21DSD?

Paleo won’t let me have milk and cheese but Level 1 of the 21DSD will. Awesome. If I have to give up booze, bread and sweets (ok who are we kidding, I chose to do this by my own free will) then at least I can have a guy named Colby Jack in my life. Not too much though. Eating paleo actually broke me of the serious cheese habit I used to have.

Katy’s 21DSD Adventure: Day 1

Breakfast: Slim pickins at the Atlanta airport. Whole milk latte (no flavoring except for a sprinkle of cinnamon on top) and some almonds.


Lunch: Beef burger patty (which happened to have bacon & shredded cheddar mixed in) over a bed of baby spinach, green peppers and tomatoes, olive oil & vinegar. Corporate cafe coming through in the clutch!


Snack: More from that outrageously priced $6 bag of almonds I procured in the airport earlier in the day.

Dinner: Bacon Cilantro Lime Burger with 2 slices of bacon & a little shredded cheese melted on top. No bun, just a burger on a plate.

Dessert: NOT ALLOWED – at least the way I’m used to thinking of dessert. Hoping that my brain thinks the bag of baby carrots I’m currently going to town on will be sufficient.

OH… I finally cracked and joined Pinterest. Too many good ideas keep popping up on the Just Eat Real Food Facebook feed and I can’t keep track of them all without technological assistance. Plus, the always trusty Juli of PaleOMG has some pretty badass 21DSD recipes that I plan on experimenting with too.

In conclusion, I just want to go on record and state that I WILL NEVER become one of those girls who starts planning her wedding on Pinterest to a man she hasn’t even met yet. NEVER. I’m all for planning ahead, but even *I* draw the line somewhere.

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  1. Yep, the company cafeteria has come through for me in a big way (although I suspect they cook their stuff in seed oils, sigh). Good luck! Kudos to you for maintaining your 21DSD while traveling.


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