Grill-Steamed Tilapia


I cannot tell you how annoyed I get with myself when I cook. Why? Because I always manage to use what seems like ALL THE KITCHEN TOYS during the prep and cook phases, none of which are dishwasher safe. I can proudly say that this time, the only thing I got dirty was a knife and a cutting board.

Summer is unofficially over, but I shall continue to grill outside until Connecticut freezes over. (I know, that’s probably not saying much, this place could be 80 one day and snowing 7 days later.) Anyway. The fish. Yeah.

Grill-Steamed Tilapia Packets

– 1 Filet of Tilapa
– 1 Small Yellow Squash (Sub for Zucchini or Asparagus if you prefer)
– 3-4 Lemon Slices
Kerrygold Garlic Herb Butter
– Minced Garlic
– Parsley Flakes

I’m going to start off saying it’s best to overestimate how much aluminum foil you’re going to need for each filet of fish. After throwing the veggies in, you’re going to need enough foil to roll into itself to seal into a leak-proof pouch.

Here go the rest of the instructions that are so easy you’ll fall out of your chair.

1) Lay aluminum foil flat on counter.

2) Rub a small amount of EVOO on each filet and season with Salt, Pepper, Garlic and Herbs.

3) Space a few small pats of the Kerrygold on top of the filet, lay a lemon slice over each.

4) Cut the squash and place it around the perimeter of the filet.

5) Seal the foil into a steam-tight pouch, leaving a little space on the top, like a tent.

6) Place foil packet on the grill for 10-12 minutes over medium-ish heat.

Fish DONE. Dishes DONE. Please remember to use tongs to take the packets off the grill. They’re gonna be HOT. Also… steam is only good when it comes to saunas – try to keep your face out of the way when you first open each packet.


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