Bulletproof Coffee

Hi, my name is Katy and I like to jack up my morning coffee with a tablespoon each of grassfed butter and coconut oil. Oh, the Bulletproof Coffee debate. As with any other topic ever posted on the internet, it’s got its lovers and its haters. I’m in the pro camp, in moderation. My turn to weigh in. If you’re just here for the recipe, feel free to skip my rant and scroll straight to the bottom.


Argument #1 – It’s pure fat.

Why I Still Drink It – Depending on what nutritional guidelines you follow on a daily basis, you may not be getting the high amounts of fat elsewhere in your meal plan over the course of the day. Here’s the rundown of a typical weekday for me in the food department:

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee and a Black Raspberry Protein Smoothie (yes, I double fist mason jars in the office on the daily)

Morning Snack: Don’t need it – the coffee & smoothie fill me up until 12:30 easily

Lunch: Some sort of Applegate meat & a small amount of Kerrygold cheese plus a crap ton of veggies. The veggie lineup doesn’t always include avocado (aka good fat).

3pm Snack: Gluten-Free Luna Bar (No it’s not paleo, yes it’s delicious. This is my pre-WOD fuel and daily treat all in one)

Post-WOD: Progenex Loco Mocha Recovery mixed with water only

Dinner: Meat & veggies much akin to lunch, minus the cheese

What am I drinking all day? Water, water and more water.

Take a look. Where else am I getting my daily dose of fat from? The Luna Bar contributes 6g. When I say a small amount, I’m talking one tiny slice of cheese off the block, less than a serving’s worth, which contributes 9g. 2 Applegate Hot Dogs will give me 12g. The FDA loves to discourage fat intake and they put the RDI of fat at 65g – I’m falling well below that mark without bulletproof coffee and some guacamole in my life.

Argument #2 – It’s empty calories.

Like kicking your morning off at Starbucks with a Blueberry Scone (420cal) and Pumpkin Spice Latte (Grande: 380cal) is of any nutritional value? Let’s be realistic. Set down the sugar bomb and chemical shit storm and slowly back away… at least my calorie-laden coffee won’t leave me in a carb coma craving a second breakfast within an hour.

Many athletes who begin CrossFit also develop a new relationship with food… a healthy one! One that says it’s OKAY to eat! One day of almost passing out from sprint intervals and lifting just light weights taught me that salad is insufficient WOD fuel. Your body is like a car. If you want it to perform, you’ve got to put some caloric fuel in the tank! Vroom vroom.

That said… eat and drink with a purpose. I don’t go bulletproof on days that I’m not planning to WOD. If it’s Rest Day, coconut milk and a cold brew is fine by me. Consume the calories if you know your body will burn them. If not, then that’s when you begin to toe the line between WOD fuel and unnecessary weight gain.

(On the cold brew note: If only Chameleon would get their web store working again. Been trying for MONTHS to get my hands on some to no avail. Talk about frustration.)

Argument #3 – Drinking fat? Gross.

The key to this, like many other foods, is in preparation. How fatty are fried foods? Very. But, people don’t seem to be too hesitant to chow down on a large order of fries. However, what if it was served to you as a pile of raw potatoes and 24g of fat next to it on the tray? Ummmmmmm……. ew.

My point is, grab the immersion blender and mix it up. I’ve never been able to get behind drinking coconut water solo, but I buy a ton of it. Why? Because it’s an essential component to my morning smoothies. I wouldn’t sit down and eat the ingredients for a batch of cookies individually, but prepare them together and yes please I’ll give Cookie Monster a run for his money.

Argument #4 – Replacing a traditional breakfast with bulletproof coffee takes away valuable nutrients.

I want to know who’s running around banning all other food intake at breakfast aside from bulletproof coffee. I do not condone this – make sure you’re getting a balance. Hence why I get my fat from the coffee and protein, electrolytes and antioxidants in my smoothie. I’m a big supporter of breakfast, it sets the tone for the day. If you’re not fueling up right in the morning… you’re setting yourself up to be a hangry grouch all day long. Nobody likes a hangry grouch.

Stepping down from my soap box now.

RECIPE: Bulletproof Coffee

– 1 1/4c Hot Coffee (In my kitchen, this is called… push the large button on the Keurig)
– 1 tbsp Unsalted Kerrygold Butter
– 1 tbsp Coconut Oil (No need to melt in advance, the coffee will do it for you)
– Splash of Pure Vanilla Extract
– Splash of Coconut Milk

Recommended Equipment: An immersion blender. Traditional blenders get tricky with hot liquids. Here’s my process:

In a glass measuring cup, measure out all the ingredients minus the coffee. Then pour the hot coffee over the fat to kickstart the melting process. This is when I just let the Keurig drip onto it and melt it all slowly.

Once your fat solids have liquified (I usually let it sit for a minute) mix it all up with your immersion blender until it’s frothy. Enjoy!


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