Irrelevance of the Week – 1/16/15

First off… THIS. This makes me want to have a sleepover party real bad.

Next. It’s almost the 16th! This means we’re just over halfway through the dreary month of January. Home stretch! It also means that people are starting to waver on their 2015 resolutions. I made 2 that i so far have not royally screwed up:

  • No more social media in bed! 15-20min before sleep and while you’re waiting for the alarm to yell at you again after hitting snooze in the mornings really add up. That’s practically 45 wasted minutes per day. Minutes I could spend catching Z’s.
  • Extra Credit Midline Work. They way the programming works at my box is that the Strength/Skill and Metcon are built into the WOD, with the ECML prescribed for us to do after the WOD if we have time/energy/motivation. In 2014 I tended to cheap out in favor OMGPROTEINSHAKEYUM and socializing over foam rollers after class. This also resulted in a lot of complaining out of me that my core tended to fold in half when front racking heavier weights. It’s my own damn fault. Therefore, I resolved to fix it. So far, I’ve done the extra credit each day it’s been prescribed. *pats self on back*
HEY LOOK! Deadlift face! I mean… 75lb pick it up in the middle of a Friday Night social WOD face. Someone should have caught my 225×3 yesterday on camera. Now that would have been a doozie. #spacepants

2015-01-15 GlitterSo. I just heard about this website Thursday afternoon. So did about a million other people: – it’s f*cking hilarious. It’s even nuttier that my coworker was talking about shipping glitter to her brother in college about an hour before I heard this on the radio. Eerie coincidence, y’all. Apparently after 24 hours the guy behind the world is sick of being popular already.

To anyone whose mailing address I have – consider yourself warned. This is one DIY arts & crafts project I can get behind. #nailedit

They make Sharpies with see-through tips now? Whaaaat?

One last thing before I try and talk myself out of watching another episode of Nashville on Hulu+, regstration for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open is OPEN! Yes, I registered within a matter of hours. Even though I have no prayer to ever make it beyond the Open stage of competition, misery loves company and somehow doing a 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of thrusters doesn’t seem so bad when your friends are wheezing through it alongside you. I have come to enjoy the Wednesday night Castro announcements, and am looking forward to another 5 weeks of crazy again this season.

Anyone want to start a pool on which of the 2014 WODs will rear its ugly head again in 2015? My guess is torn between the Thruster Burpee one above or that evilly long chipper that began on the rower and ended with my cursing T2B out loud for a week and a half afterwards.

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