IG Find: Kerrygold Irish Butter & Cheese

It was so dry on the stupid plane I was on last week when I started this post. Dry enough where I was getting itches in my throat, which resulted in coughing spells. Nobody wants to be the person coughing on an airplane. I felt like such a leper… even if the coughs weren’t caused by germs.

To make it worse… the guy next to me employed the BYO sanitizer wipes plan of action.  As soon as he plunked down into his seat the travel size pack of Wet Ones went into the seat back pocket in front of him. All I wanted to do was hide a la Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.

This installment of The Occasional Faileo’s IG Finds is inspired by one of my favorite companies reposting a SECOND photo of one of my recipes on their insta in the past 2 months. First, the Celeriac au Gratin, now the Dubliner Bacon Garlic Herb Biscuits. Nom nom nom, Kerrygold – and thanks for the love!


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So, back in 2012 when I embarked on my very first 60 day paleo challenge, I had to give up cheese. ALL THE CHEESE. From being the girl who almost always had 5+ kinds of cheese in the fridge to 0, I was surprised I actually managed to stay off the stuff for 2 months, minus a cheat piece of pizza here and there.

As the paleo challenge ended, I shockingly did not revert back to my cheese-mongering ways the minute I didn’t have a scoreboard scolding me for eating a forbidden food. That section of the grocery store didn’t see much of me, as I’d learned to live without my former BFF, Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar.

I kept calm and carried on with my less cheesy diet. At this point, I was unaware of grassfed dairy’s existence. It wasn’t until my endless puttering around on Instagram clued me into Kerrygold about a year ago. Their products are now staples in my fridge that I enjoy in moderation. (Ok… the Dubliner is in moderation. I knock back a tablespoon of butter every morning in a Bulletproof Coffee.)

For those who follow mostly paleo guidelines but who would like to include dairy, you can read up on how grass-fed vs grain-fed stacks up here. I mean… Iceland Annie keeps dairy in her diet. So I can keep some in there, right? Ok, so maybe not the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream. Dammit.

Below are a few of my favorite recipe ideas that incorporate Kerrygold products:


Celeriac au Gratin | Dubliner Bacon Garlic Herb Biscuits | Bulletproof Coffee

As our apartment slogan senior year of college said, “it’s worth a shot” – unless, of course, you’re lactose intolerant.

Their Garlic Herb Butter is PHENOMENAL on fish.

So it’s slightly pricey. The first time I bought a brick of Kerrygold butter I was so afraid to use the ‘good stuff’ on anything that it just sat in the fridge for 2 weeks. Glad I got over that nonsense.

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