Step 1: the Kool-Aid. Step 2: the Sauce.

My clavicle hates me. A few too many clean & jerks and I have a nice welt going on now. Today’s WOD was to work up to your 3RM and 1RM Clean & Jerk, followed by Grace – 30 C&J’s (95lbs Rx) for time. Then we did 200 air squats for time. Somehow, I had trouble keeping track on Grace, but tell me to count to 200 and I didn’t miss a beat. I’m bass ackwards.


It’s been almost 4 months to the day that I did my first WOD at SCF. I drank the CrossFit kool-aid. Best drink ever… it doesn’t even come with a hangover! However, you may experience some delayed onset muscle soreness after a few too many GHD situps. Whatever. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re ready for bikini season by February.

I’m finally at the point where I’m finding out my limits on certain lifts, and have hit that frustrating brick wall. The magic (read: evil) lift that gnaws at me is a 125lb power clean. I can count on myself getting 115 whenever. 120 is my current max. So WHY is it so flipping hard to get the 125 up? Every single time I’ve tried, NO DICE. This is starting to get annoying.

When you start CrossFit, you get all excited because every week it seems like you’re lifting more than you ever have. Why? Because chances are you’ve never pushed yourself to your maximum capacity before. That’s one of the fantastic things about CrossFit. It makes you push harder, lift heavier, go faster. Try (and eventually accomplish) crazy stuff you never thought would be physically possible. Ahem, pullups, 24″ box jumps and HSPUs, I’m looking at you.

So now that you’ve run into that brick wall that stops that initial high of quick progression – now what? The kool-aid wears off. Time to look outside the box (ha!) and see what other things you can do if you’re serious about getting better.

Matt, Bobby and Rosanne are the coolest owners ever. They let me hang around the gym for hours at a time when I’m not working so I can practice the previously impossible moves I need to have ready for January’s competition. Today, something that I hadn’t ever really considered came up. What I shall now refer to as the Sauce. Protein supplementation.

I’m sure I’m mega-late to the party on this one, but Matt said that I’m not doing myself any favors by skipping out on having a recovery shake after class each morning.

SO – yeah. Going to do some research and hop on that wagon this week. I want to bust through that wall on power cleans like you wouldn’t believe. Time to get saucy. Not sure if I’ll go with the powder or goo yet. Will report back if/when I start looking like Rambo’s long lost kid sister.

Anyone have any suggestions for me to try?


  1. 1. Video tape your cleans. You’ll see things you were never aware you were doing
    2. In terms of proteim, I really like dymatize elite. Fairly short ingredients list and fairly clean. I also love progenex Recovery and More Muscle, but only on sale. Full price sucks!


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