21DSD: Day 2

Stupid carrots. I woke up hungry at 5:20a and realized my usual half a Larabar pre 6a WOD isn’t 21DSD friendly. Boo. Then again, I ate all my favorite flavors last week and my current stash is tier 2 flavors that I’ll only eat when all the apple cinnamon and lemon ones are gone, so at least I don’t have THAT temptation going for me. I forgot about the snack I called lunch the day before I left for Alabama last week and came home to GOLDFISH CRACKERS on the kitchen counter yesterday. Clipped that bag shut real fast and shoved them on the top shelf in the cupboard. Hope they don’t go stale in the next 20 days.

Katy’s 21DSD Adventure – Day 2

Breakfast: 2-egg Omelet, 1 slice bacon. Mix-ins – Italian seasoning, Onions, Spinach. No smoothie. Sorry Stan. I’ll go grocery shopping soon. Step into office, head straight to Starbucks. Whole milk unsweetened latte sprinkled with cinnamon.


Lunch: Cue Britney Spears. I did it again… Same beef/spinach combo as yesterday.

Snack: continued working on that overpriced bag of airport almonds. Also, some Go Raw Pizza flavored Flax Snax. If you expect a pizza, you get a mouthful of seeds. If you expect a mouthful of seeds, they actually aren’t that bad.


WOOOOOOOO I WENT GROCERY SHOPPING AFTER WORK! ShopRite has some darn good deals. I got a TON of food for $44.00… and $9 of it was a bag of almond flour! Wow. I feel thrifty.

Dinner: Taco Chicken & Guacamole. I’ll post it as a separate dinner idea, but here’s a photo. Yum.


I also got super excited in the kitchen in the name of preparing ahead… so in the past 2 hours I have made Taco Chicken, Cilantro Lime marinade for more chicken tomorrow, Guacamole, Bacon Sausage Breakfast Bites and 21DSD-approved Cinnamon Coconut cookies. Multi-tasked so much that I forgot to put the coconut oil and sea salt in the cookies. Ya know, the stuff that gives em flavor. My tongue needs to learn that cinnamon doesn’t always come with sugar.


My kitchen looks like a war zone. I haven’t cut up the cucumber or made the ice cubes yet for the interesting smoothie I plan on making tomorrow morning. Yep, you read that correctly, cucumbers in a smoothie.

The pile of dishes in my sink is ominous. I need to go handle that.

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