The Bulletproof Banana

Maybe this isn’t news, but it’s news to me in the past 2 months or so: bulletproof coffee. Seems to be the newest ‘thing’ in the paleosphere. By paleosphere, I mean, my Instagram feed. People doing the primal thing have taken to blending butter, coconut oil, manna or some type of fat into their coffee in the morning.

I really haven’t done any research as to why people started doing this or what nutritional benefits this provides, so I don’t really have an opinion on the stuff yet. All I know is that this little concoction I just devoured was made in a blender and included both coconut butter and coffee. Hence the name.

EDIT: I now have an opinion on (and recipe for) Bulletproof Coffee. It’s awesome and I drink it almost daily. #don’tknockittilyatryit


The Bulletproof Banana

1 cup Black coffee, chilled
1/2 scoop Vanilla protein powder
8-10 Frozen banana chunks
1-2 tbsp Coconut butter
1 tbsp Almond butter
1/4 cup Ice

Stuff worth mentioning: It’s good to play the Boy Scout card here and always be prepared. If you remember, brew a pot of coffee the night before and stick it in the fridge overnight, so you’re not impatiently throwing ice cubes and cold water in a fresh pot waiting for it to cool.

Frozen banana chunks – pre-cut, pre-frozen. Wax paper and a cookie sheet are your best friend.

Coconut butter/manna – I used Nutiva Coconut Manna for this. I made the mistake of putting some into a smoothie in semi-solid form yesterday morning, and it ruined the entire experience. Only take the amount you need and stick in a small microwave-safe bowl and nuke for no longer than 15 seconds at a time. Stir, repeat until it’s a smooth and creamy texture, but not very hot. Then it’s good to use. This took me about 28 seconds.

Ice cubes – A week or so I was complaining about making smoothies with ice, because the average household ice cube tray yields some pretty giant chunks. Great for keeping a glass of water cold, but horrible for a blender. I found the $5 answer to my problems this week at TJ Maxx. MINI SILICONE ICE CUBE TRAY. Life in my kitchen has gotten so much better since this little purchase.

Look how adorable those little cubes are… 10 fit into a quarter cup.


21DSD Update: Day 5 and still going strong on the food. I have had a few drinks in the past 2 nights. I started on the 21DSD to kick my snack habit. So far, that’s working… but I won’t lie to your face and tell you I’ve been 100% perfect, because I haven’t. No bread or fruit aside from the approved green-tipped banana, but yes to some alcohol. I still feel amazing and have lost a few lbs of water weight in the process. Finally got that elusive 90lb power snatch PR in the gym yesterday, so I’m going to consider the first week of modified behavior a success.

BTW – this Bulletproof Banana recipe is 21DSD approved, so long as you use a 21DSD-compliant protein powder. I know they exist.

It’s nice outside. Time to stop sitting inside typing about how nice it is outside.


  1. Looks awesome! I love blending up some bananas, almond milk, almond butter, and chocolate grass-fed whey after a WOD. Never thought to throw some coffee in there though!


  2. […] 2. The Bulletproof Banana Smoothie This is sure to rev up your engines as well as your taste buds. The mix of coffee, banana, and protein powder will give you an interesting mix of caffeine, potassium, and protein, so you can use this to start your day off right, or as a pick me up for a slow afternoon. Black coffee is generally looked upon as a Paleo food, and many Paleo followers will also use protein powder as long as it doesn’t contain a lot of additives. You’ll likely be getting enough protein from the meat you’re eating, but for convenience you can’t beat protein powder. […]


  3. I brew my iced coffee by the gallon. Just get a gallon jug and add the right amount of grinds for you into the gallon jug, fill with water. I let sit for 24 to 48 hours shaking when I think of it. It will last you 30 days in the fridge (if it lasts that long.)


  4. On my quest for paleo proof smoothies I stumbled upon your website and I have to say: I love it! This morning I tried this Bulletproof Banana smoothie for breakfast and it was delish!!


  5. This is great!!! I would make this again. Mine had a little bit of texture from the almond butter, but who cares. It was fab. I liked hat it was thin too and not thick like a smoothie.


  6. Excellent! Loved that this was thin and not thick like a smoothie. I would make this again for sure. Thank you.


    • Paleo Moxie I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it! I’m not a yogurt person AT ALL, so all of my blended drinks tend to be on the lighter side, using water or coconut water instead of a dairy base.


  7. Made Bulletproof Banana smoothie this morning. It’s yummy! Thanks for the “heads up” on the coconut butter.


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