Irrelevance of the Week

In my defense... I make some pretty awesome burgers.
Food blogs in a nutshell. In my defense… I make some pretty awesome burgers.


noun \ˈblg, ˈbläg\

: a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences

A quick look at analytics show that my recipe posts are far more popular than anything else I write. The world seems to really love the Bulletproof Banana and Southwest Turkey Meatloaf. However, I don’t always live in the kitchen. I’ve got a job that I love (it involves sports!), a not so secret obsession for at least 35-40% of the items offered on lululemon’s website at any given moment in time. The Berry and The Chive both know I could use some jokes (#KCCO!), and I could read listicles on Greatist and Thrillist for hours. Wellness & wanderlust all day long.

Somewhere in the past 6 months, I saw an uptick in stats on the blog, and I’ve been letting self-imposed pressure to create the next awesome paleo thing get the best of me. This blog began as a fun way to amuse myself while hopefully amusing others as they gave eating paleo a try. I need to lighten up. This is a HOBBY. I’m not a PaleOMG Primal Palate Nom Nom Paleo powerhouse. I’m a girl with a laptop who likes stupid jokes and tasty recipes that don’t include a crap ton of oddball ingredients that no one at the local supermarket’s ever heard of.

At the end of the day, if I want a donut – I’m not going to spend $37 on ingredients to make one batch of paleo donuts. I’m going to Dunkin and BUYING A DONUT.

Hey Look! A segway into what I think is a good read: Stupid Easy Paleo – Why Paleo Donuts Suck

To save my own sanity and lighten the mood, I’m bringing the fun back in the form of my Irrelevance of the Week.

Suggested Subtitle: Other fun and interesting things going on in my life that don’t always revolve around food.

Stitch Fix

300x250-Ad2-StitchFixStitch Fix – Have you heard about Stitch Fix yet? Then clearly this means I need to find an appropriately well-lit space in my place to take some photos of the cute outfits they send me. It’s fun having other people pick out your clothes. I actually put on a top and scarf from my most recent shipment and thought to myself, “I look like a Pinterest board.”

[Insert cute photo of plaid scarf outfit here once I can dig my camera and memory card out my suitcase]

Thrillist-logo-small – One of my new favorite places on the internet. YES, I know it’s technically a “men’s digital lifestyle brand” and no, I’m not a dude. Guess I just think like one. Come ON. I like food, drink and travel. Thrillist is all about food, drink and travel. I see no conflict of interest here.

How can you go wrong with articles entitled Buffalo Chicken Meatballs Take All the Work Out of Eating Hot Wings?

CFFS In-House Throwdown

Last Saturday my crossfit box hosted an in-house throwdown that included a clean ladder. Allll I really wanted to do was the clean ladder. I hit a PR squat clean at 155, and got under 165. Unfortunately I need to get me some more core strength to hang on and stand that weight up. 165 is the brick wall for me on front squats too.

Let’s face it, with the amount I’ve traveled for work in the past year, one of the best parts of the day was just being able to participate for once. Yay for picking things up and putting them down!



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